Scene Magazine, February 1985
By Rosemary O'Brien

All albums have their good points, and they have their bad points. Donnie Iris' new album NO MUSS... NO FUSS is no exception. Fortunately, this effort by Iris and the Cruisers has more good points than bad ones.

The first single, "Injured In The Game Of Love," has been receiving a considerable amount of airplay - and justifiably so. It's a good tune with a catchy beat. An even better song though is the opening track on the second side "Follow That Car." The refrain is infectious and the horn section, played by Dan McCarthy, adds that essential extra ingredient to the song.

"10th Street" is another song that stands out on this album. It has a happy upbeat feel with lyrics that reflect this feeling: "Gimme a house with a picket fence/ on 10th Street/ God bless America/ God bless America on 10th Street."

Iris lets loose with his voice on "Headed For A Breakdown." He does it again at the end of "State Of The Heart," which at first reminded me of "Do You Compute?" This is where the bad points begin to pop up. "You're My Serenity" and "L.O.V.E.", which even had additional percussion added to it, both fall into the category of "run of the mill." It isn't that these songs aren't well done. It's just that they lack punch.

On the whole, though, this is a good album. Iris' voice never sounded better, and the groups' harmonies are fantastic. It looks like the guy from Beaver Falls, Pennsylania has put together a good collection of songs on this one.