Released: 1983


Mark Avsec - piano, organ, synthesizers and background vocals
Marty Lee - guitars and background vocals
Albritton McClain - bass
Kevin Valentine - drums and percussion
Rick Bell - saxophone
Carl Maduri III - background vocals
Peter Emmett (Sonny Geraci) - lead and background vocals

Side 1:

1) THERE GOES MY HEART  (Mark Avsec, Marty Lee)
2) DON'T LIE TO ME LAINA  (Reece Kirk)
3) SLEEP WITH ME  (Eric Carmen)
4) KNEE DEEP IN LOVE  (Robert Peckman)
5) NEVER GONNA FALL IN LOVE  (Peter Emmett, Barbra McFaul)

Side 2:

6)  INSIDE STORY  (Eric Carmen)
7) SHE DON'T KNOW ME  (Mark Avsec)
8) DON'T SAY YOU'RE SORRY  (Kevin Raleigh)
9) WHY CAN'T SHE  (Gary Jones)

Produced by Mark Avsec and Carl Maduri for the Belkin-Maduri Organization, in association with Carousel Records
Recorded at Jeree Studios, New Brighton, PA

Engineered by Carl Maduri III

Mixed by Carl Maduri III at The Recording Connection, Cleveland, Ohio

Art Direction - George Osaki
Design - Tracy Veal
Photography - Charles M. Gentile

Special Thanks To: The Belkin/Maduri Organization and Sweet City Records for making us a part of their family/Carl Maduri III, Don Garvin and Jerry Reed at Jeree Studios/Otto Neuber and James R. Marsh/My wife "Sis"/Vince Amato for his help and support.

Very special thanks to: Angelo Crimi for his hard work and friendship, I couldn't have done it without you. Last but not least thanks to Mark Avsec for his talent and his help.

Original release - MCA-5388 MCA Records
CD release - JRR 1998 Japan Rock Reissues (Not official)

Notes: This album was supposed to be a comeback vehicle for Sonny Geraci, onetime member of the 60's Cleveland group The Outsiders and also of the early 70's group Climax which had a hit with the song "Precious and Few". Geraci, assuming the name Peter Emmett, is accompanied in the studio by the original line-up of The Cruisers (minus Donnie Iris) to play on this album.

Although the back album cover includes pictures of a band called North Coast, these other musicians (from left to right coinciding with their pictures: Chris Kafka, Terry Manfredi, Dave Garlic, Billy Smith) were not involved with the recording of the album. Until recently, it was not known whether North Coast actually existed or was simply a fictional group put together for use on the album's cover as part of the "story". However, it has now been confirmed from the band's drummer Billy Smith that North Coast did indeed exist and was brought onboard after the album was recorded. The band debuted the album live at the Cleveland Agora Theater opening for the "Generators". The album didn't get much airplay, and while North Coast stayed together playing in or around the Cleveland/Akron area for 2 years, they eventually disbanded and all went their separate ways.

Interestingly, the Mark Avsec penned tune "She Don't Know Me" was later re-recorded by none other than BON JOVI for their debut album.