Released: 1989


Side 1:

1) Donnie Iris & The Cruisers - "Reach Out"
2) Ronda and the Arrivals - "A Little Bit of Lonliness"
3) The 11th Hour - "Confusion"
4) B.E. Taylor - "The Last Heartbreak"
5) Norman Nardini - "Trash It Up"
6) Buddy Hall - "Love Won't Wait"
7) Warren King and the Mystic Knights of the Sea - "That's All I Need"
8) Triple X - "Get It On"
9) Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers - "Firewater"
10) G-Force - "I'm Coming in From the Rain"
11) The Affordable Floors - "Running Dry"
12) Force Field - "Hard Workin' Woman"
13) The Clarks - "Thought It Was Free"
14) Billy Price and the Keystone Rhythm Band - "Who Are You Working For"
15) The Zippers - "Locked In Somerset"
16) Scott Paulson/Jim Krenn - "Joy To The World"

Produced by Mark Avsec and Carl Maduri for the Belkin-Maduri Organization, in association with Carousel Records
Executive Producer - Ken Lee
Produced By Gene Romano
Project Coordinator - Lila Prezioso
Sequencing - Anthony Alfonsio/Tom Kay
Mastering - Masterworks/Philadelphia
Manufacturing - WEA Manufacturing Digital Audio Disc Corporation
Promotion - Angie Mathews/Kim McIntyre
Artwork by David Nestler
Layout And Design - Gateway Studios

This release is dedicated to the rock 'n roll pride of Pittsburgh. WDVE salutes not only the bands that appear on this release, but also all musicians in the Pittsburgh area and the listeners who have supported local Rock N' Roll and WDVE for the past 20 years. Thanks from everyone at 102.5 WDVE.

Special thanks to Frank Carolla, Nason Gieg - Alphastar Studio, Jerry Reed - Jeree's Studio, Greg Vizza, Dean Becker - Automation, Dave Erny - Erny Recording, Barney Lee - Aircraft, Rick Witkowski - Studio L, Ralph Cominio - Transport Studios, Thankyou to George Balicky and National Record Mart, Marc Finer and Communication Research, Linda Clemens and the Digital Audio Disc Corporation, Lenny Mihalick and WEA Manufacturing, Albert Oon and Nim at Masterworks.

A Toys For Tots Benefit Project

NRM - National Record Mart

Original release - RKR Records - WDVE101989

Notes: This WDVE Pittsburgh Local Rock compilation disc contains the Donnie Iris & The Cruisers' track "Reach Out", a cover of the Four Tops hit. This compilation disc is the only place this Donnie Iris & The Cruisers track has ever appeared. This disc has long been out-of-print and to this day this song remains unavailable on any official Donnie Iris & The Cruisers release making this track a definite rarety.